TOPMETAL Funerals – elegance, functionality, quality

TOPMETAL is a family business specialising in locksmithery and artistic smithery. We are the only producer of gas candles in Poland. Almost 30 years of experience have made TOPMETAL a brand renowned not only in Cracow and Malopolskie Voivodeship but also across the country. Based on original designs, our products are handmade from high quality materials.

To meet the expectations of our Customers, for a few years we have been specialising in the production of funeral accessories, such as long funeral torches with gas burners, catafalques put under coffins and urns, lanterns, boxes and other metal equipment of funeral chapels.

Catafalques and metal torches

Equipment for chapels such as catafalques and metal gas torches made by Topmetal Funerals has always been popular on all trade fairs in the recent years. The offer is constantly changing and complemented with new accessories: urn bases, catafalques, torches, crosses and a lot more.

All Topmetal Funerals products can be matte or polished and decorated with religious symbols or secular decorations such as floral ornaments. Catafalques and metal torches can also be decorated to suit your company’s branding.


Quality Assurance

Topmetal – reliable and trustworthy, like all our products.


Topmetal continues a long-term tradition, meeting the contemporary needs of the Customers.


Topmetal – knowledge, skills and use of the latest technology.